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Mom Outraged School Forced Daughter To Wear “Shame Suit” For “too short” Skirt

By: Krystle Crossman

A 15 year old girl was headed to a new school in Florida. On her third day at Oakleaf High School in Orange Park she found out how harsh the punishment was for breaking the dress code that she was not even aware of. Her teacher told her that her skirt was too short when she was walking in the hallway. She was then sent to the nurse’s office. She wasn’t sure why she had to go to the nurse because of her skirt. The reason was so humiliating that she ended up having tears stream down her face.

The school nurse told her that since she had broken the dress code violation she was going to have to wear a dress-code-violation suit. She was forced to put on red sweatpants that had the message “DRESS CODE VIOLATION” down the side. She also had to wear a neon yellow shirt with the same message across the front in huge black letters. It was designed to shame a student after breaking a dress code violation.

Miranda Larkin was so embarrassed and stressed that she ended up breaking out into hives. She took a photo of herself and sent it to her mother. She then called her mother who was extremely upset over this form of punishment for breaking the dress code violation that they weren’t even aware of. At the school skirts worn must be knee-length and no shorter. This was different than her old school in Seattle.

Miranda’s mother said that her daughter has a perfect disciplinary record and is a very good kid. She stated that she would be the first one to punish her kids if they did something wrong but she feels that this type of punishment is not really about punishing them for wrongdoing but shaming and humiliating the students. A spokesman from the school district stated that when kids violated the dress code they were given three options. They could have someone bring them new clothes, they could leave the clothes on and go to in-school suspension, or they could wear the outfit. Miranda said that she was only given one choice.

Miranda’s mother tried resolving things with the school privately but when they refused to back down or listen, she threatened to file a complaint with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act because they had released her daughter’s disciplinary records without her permission. In a letter that she wrote to the media she stated that she was not arguing the dress code. She was arguing with the fact that the school in okay with bullying and humiliating the students.

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7 thoughts on “Mom Outraged School Forced Daughter To Wear “Shame Suit” For “too short” Skirt

  1. karen baylis

    Are you serious? First of all, since this was a new school for the girl, why didn’t her mother take the initiative to find out what the rules were? Who’s responsibility was it to make sure that she was appropriately dressed…mom’s.Parents have to stop making a big deal out of everything. In the scheme of things, this means nothing. A lot of girls would have simply turned the tables on this, and made it a fashion statement for the day, then learned from it. Miranda and her mother better toughen up, because if she was stressed out by this, wait until she comes up against the real world.

  2. Ceanne

    Girl GET OVER IT. Ignorance is no defense. Parents stop justifying ish. Everyone loves to cry “Oh my good child” after they’ve done something. Tie that shirt in a knot/throw a belt around the waist/something. Then make sure you don’t make that same mistake again. NEXT

  3. JazziJodee

    The mother sounds stupid. What is she protesting, school administration enforcing school policy? Schools have websites and telephones for a reason – they are resources of general information.

  4. TheRam28

    If the school gave her options, and she choose to be humiliated that MAY be on her. I tend to agree with the mother. I’ve worked in Therapeutic Communities, and this is a tactic that is used to tear you down, with the hope of building you back up. This tactic has proven to be counter-productive in many cases, and does more harm than good. There is an issue of gang mentality where one student can provoke other students to be overly harsh in their criticism and humiliation of the targeted person. Remember, she is only 15 years old. I dealt with young adults and it was tough on them. There are other methods of counseling for students who act-out this way, or want to be seem. I left that modality , as I did not believe it was effective, especially for young women who may have abuse , or low self-esteem issues.

  5. Misty Gibbs

    Your first four responders sound so harshly judgemental. It would be so nice if they could learn to show a bit of compassion and a lot of love. They have no idea what really happened or why the young lady and her mom were unaware of the rules. School personnel are often ruthless. I learned this when my grandson came to live with me and I enrolled him in school. However I try not to be hard on anyone that I think should know better or do better. More of us should practice love rather than hatred.

    On the other hand I have personally been in two groups where this humiliation tactic was tried on me and a few others. The first was when I got a new job with the State of California and the second was in a psychology class at UC Berkeley. In both cases, I was able, with the help of two others, to turn the tables on the group leader so that they could find out what humiliation felt like. They ended up crying. At that time I was much younger and I took pleasure on turning the tables. Today, I would just allow someone to attempt to humiliate me. That is foolish and I would let their acts speak for themselves.

    I learned that from reading about how Jesus (Yeshua) responded to his two disciples who betrayed him the night before he was lynched. He addressed them both as friend. Judas hanged himself and Peter felt his own humiliation and went on to become a greater apostle. When he arose, He treated Peter as though nothing had happened. That taught me the real meaning of love.


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