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10 Mistakes That Create Home-school Problems

By Staff Blogger

Home-schooling is something that some families are very excited about while others are terrified. The common bond is that all parents want to do what is right for their kids to give them the best education possible. Here are ten common mistakes that make home-schooling a little more difficult than it needs to be:

1. Under-scheduling – You want to make sure that your kids have the opportunity to be involved in sports and other activities just as much as kids that go to public schools. Sometimes parents don’t think about their needs beyond the books and end up scheduling too little.

2. Over-scheduling – On the other hand some parents are worried that they are not doing enough and will over-book themselves. They will have the kids doing school and then so many sports and extracurricular activities that everyone is worn out by the end of the day.

3. Letting your curriculum run you – Many parents want to make a curriculum and stick to it not matter what. This could lead to frustrated children and a frustrated parent. If something is not clicking and the kids are becoming irritated, try something else.

4. No internet – The internet has a wealth of information and should be used. There are many great educational resources that your children will love and will gain a lot of knowledge from.

5. Extreme expectations – Many parents fall into a trap where they expect too much of their child and put too much pressure on. Set small goals for your child to achieve. They will have more fun learning and will still be working towards a great education.

6. Skipping breaks – This is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. Pushing through the day with no breaks so that you can make the day shorter isn’t good for anyone. Children need time to break, clear their minds, and become refocused. This is why they have recess in schools.

7. Messy work area – Organization is key. Studies have shown that messy work areas lead to more distractions than if everything was neat and tidy.

8. Trying to be Super Mom – You cannot do it all and that is okay. Have the kids help with chores, have your partner make dinner, take some of the workload off of yourself.

9. Going it alone – Support systems for home-schooling are everywhere, so why not use them? There is no shame in asking for tips and tricks from other home-school parents or doing some research on the internet. You aren’t expected to know everything so why not pull from the experience of others?

10. Not listening to your kids – Consider the input from your children. After all, they are the ones who are learning. Bounce ideas off of them for lessons and subjects and see what they think. Really listen to their input and let them take control, within reason, every now and then. The more interested they are in what they are learning the more they will take away from it.

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