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What Your Parenting Style Can Do To Your Kid’s Emotional, Psychological Health

By: Krystle Crossman

Being a parent is a very hard job that comes with no pay. It is rewarding but at the same time extremely stressful. How your child turns out depends on your parenting style. Many parents do not realize this. There are a lot of people that have children who are in no way prepared for it. They either have a lot of mental issues, drug dependencies, or severe financial issues and none of those are really great environments for a child. Unfortunately this creates problems for the child down the road.

Children may be neglected or abused at the hands of their parents. They are often the ones that end up as wards of the state, incarcerated, or out on the streets. Children of people who are victims have a higher chance of becoming addicted to drugs, involved with pr0stitution, or becoming sociopaths. They are very often mentally unstable. They become involved with police officers, social workers, and therapists who remain involved with them pretty much through their whole lives as they have trouble working through these issues.

A developmental psychologist by the name of Diana Baumrind said that there are three main parenting styles that she believes play a huge role in a child’s development.

1. Authoritative parenting: This type of parenting brings about well-mannered and respectful children. Their parents raise them to respect authority. They teach them about manners and about being organized in life. They are never overly strict but they are strict enough. Children from this type of household are more likely to be emotionally and mentally strong.

2. Authoritarian parenting: These parents are too strict. They push their children beyond their limits and have overly high expectations of them. They use scare tactics to make their children obey them. Children from these households are often rebels. They get tattoos, piercings, and turn to breaking rules just to spite their overly strict parents.

3. Permissive parenting: Parents who are permissive treat their children more like a friend than a child. They don’t set many rules or boundaries and they don’t discipline them. They lose control of their children very quickly and once that control is lost the children end up running the household. Children from this type of home have trouble with relationships and responsibilities when they get older. As younger children they may seem out of control and wild. When they are teens they will seek out love and affection from whoever they can find.

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