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New Way For Poor Kids To Go To College For Free

By: Krystle Crossman

QuestBridge is a nonprofit company that is helping kids from lower income families go to college for free. They have just one requirement from their students. If they get into their top choice school they get a full ride for all four years. They have seen the barriers that children in low-income families face when it comes to education and want to be able to give them some great motivation to do well in school and break the statistics. It is also daunting to go over all of the financial aid for college which can sometimes be denied even though they cannot afford to go without it.

Many times the students find that when they apply for colleges they face a number of different hurdles along the way. The first is the financial aid that they may not get. The second is the fact that many colleges make students accept or decline their acceptance before they even get word as to whether they have gotten scholarships or not. The third hurdle is that even if they get financial aid for the first year it is not guaranteed that they are going to get it for the remaining years of their education.

The process for QuestBridge starts with a very detailed application. There are 35 different colleges that are a part of QuestBridge’s initiative. Instead of filling out a bunch of financial aid paperwork the colleges simply fund the student’s tuition for the entire time they are at school, up to four years. For those students who do not win the full scholarship rides they are able to go to any of the 35 colleges and still able to get a nearly full scholarship.

The participating colleges are all very high-end colleges and even Ivy League colleges such as Brown University, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia, Emory, and Yale. This is a great initiative to help students that may otherwise think that they cannot get a college education. It will motivate them to get better grades and work hard in school so that they can go to a fantastic college and go on to lead successful lives.

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