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Middle School Uses a 14 Yr Old Girl As “Bait” and She Gets [email protected]

By: Krystle Crossman

In 2010 a lawsuit was filed against Sparkman Middle School in Alabama. The father of a student was the one who filed the suit because of negligence on the school’s part when his 14 year old daughter was used as bait in a sting against a 16 year old boy. The girl was [email protected] as a result of the sting. The male student had a long record of inappropriate touching and s*xual misconduct that the school looked the other way on. There were several complaints about him trying to lure young girls into the boys bathroom to have s*x with him. The school alleged that since he had never been caught in the act there was nothing they could do to punish him.

One day he tried to lure the 14 year old girl into the bathroom. She said no and then made a complaint to a teacher’s aide who was on duty that day. The aide decided that it would be easy to catch the boy in the act if she set up a sting. She told the girl to go into the bathroom with him and that she would be waiting there so that they could catch him. The girl at first said no but then the aide coerced her into agreeing. The girl ended up being [email protected] by the boy in the bathroom because the aide was nowhere to be found. One of the most shocking parts to this story was that they had gone to the vice-principal with the idea of the sting and the VP didn’t say much about it. After the incident the VP simply stated that the girl was “on her own” when she stepped into that bathroom.

Now the Department of Justice is siding with the girl and her father. They state that there is gross misconduct and negligence on the part of the school. The school destroyed discipline records of students after a year, they didn’t seem to care at all about the s*xual misconduct and harassment complaints from students about this particular boy, and they allowed this sting to happen in the first place.

The girl moved out of the state and transferred to another school after the incident. The male student went to a school for troubled teens after the incident but just a few weeks later returned to Sparkman and has not received any form of punishment just yet.

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7 thoughts on “Middle School Uses a 14 Yr Old Girl As “Bait” and She Gets [email protected]

  1. Glory Mosby

    That whole situation is absolutely preposterous!!! All those involved from the vice principal on down should be brought
    up on charges!!! I really hope that the young teenage girl get the therapy help that she will surely need!! :*

  2. Vnr

    Just terrible, the teenager never should had been put in that position. Some heads need to roll and jail time for the staff and the male student.

  3. sherrie chapman

    The Vice Principal’s daughteror niece sould go into the bathroom with that guy THEN, lets see what she says and how she feels. Better yet, send in the vice principal herself and see how quickly she changes are tune. She certainly is NOT protecting the children. The teacher who set up the sting should be punished too.

  4. Walter

    After the incident the VP simply stated that the girl was “on her own” when she stepped into that bathroom. SMDH Every teacher who’s taken a report or was told by any little girl about this boy but didn’t follow up with action, should be fired as well and the VP is a Insensitive bastard, and he should be lock up for rape himself for “Coercion of a minor causing rape and Abuse of Power. It’s 2014 have any of the staff at Sparkman Middle School in Alabama been sentenced or at least fired. If not, Why the wait. Why wasn’t this news in 2009 or 10? U.S media and bad journalism perhaps.


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