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13 Yr Old Thrown Into Detention For Sharing His Lunch With Another Student

By: Krystle Crossman

Children are getting punished in schools for the smallest things and it seems like students almost have to walk on eggshells while they are there so they don’t get in trouble. A 13 year old student from Weaverville, California found out that punishments can come swiftly and for things you would never think about. He was just trying to be kind to another student and do a good deed and ended up getting a detention for it.

At Weaverville Elementary School there is a no sharing policy. Students are not allowed to share food with other students that they have brought in from home. This is due to allergies that other students may have. The 13 year old boy, Kyle Bradford, was not hungry at lunch. He saw that another student was not going to eat the food that he was given in the cafeteria and thought that he would give his chicken wrap to the boy. He stated that it was going to go to the trash if he didn’t eat it so he figured he would give it to the other student so he would have something good to eat.

Unfortunately one of the staff saw this act of kindness and Bradford was given detention. The Superintendent stated that the rules were set in place for the safety of the students and that no food exchanges were allowed. Bradford’s mother states that morals and compassion definitely need to be taught at home by the parents because they very obviously are not going to be taught by the schools. Bradford stated that he would share his lunch again if another kid wanted him too.

The no-sharing policy is certainly understandable as there are children out there with severe allergies which could have a life-threatening reaction. If they knowingly eat someone else’s food that is shared with them but don’t know what is in it it could turn into a medical disaster. However is this really something to be giving detention over? That is something that is going to be on Bradford’s permanent record for life. His mother still stands by what he did and says that he was just being kind and helping a friend.

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5 thoughts on “13 Yr Old Thrown Into Detention For Sharing His Lunch With Another Student

  1. Glory Mosby

    Absolutely ridiculous!! That school really needs to revamp their no sharing policy!! If a student share their food with another student & there’s no harm done, then let it go. Matter of fact, the policy itself don’t make any kind of sense!! Now that student is gonna have a blemish on his record because of that schools foolish policy!!! :*

  2. Wiliam Leonard

    I can see why this policy is in affect. The children should be told why they shouldn’t share their food with other student. If a student see that another student is hungry and wants to give him/her his food he/she not doing it for spite just so the food don’t goes to waist.

  3. Devon

    The school has this rule and the kids should follow them, no wonder kids are so unruly and stupid their parents are the same way. Why do grown mawfukkas always think they and their unruly kids don’t have to follow rules and the rules are no sharing food. Let the kid serve his detension he” be aight.


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