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Teacher Allegedly Bites Goddard Toddler, Police Arrest Her and Owner Of Pre-school

By: Krystle Crossman

Two staff members of a Woodbridge, VA preschool have been placed under arrest for an incident that occurred between them and a toddler. Theresa Brown, a teacher at the preschool, bit a 13 month old child because the child bit another teacher. While a toddler biting someone is not good behavior, an adult biting the child is a crime and something that should have been reported to not only the police but Child Protective Services as well. The daughter of the preschool owners, Nadia Choudhry, was also brought into custody for failing to report the incident to the proper authorities.

The incident occurred on September 11th. Brown saw the child bite a teacher out of frustration. She decided that a good punishment, instead of scolding or being placed in a time-out, was to bite the child. She left a mark but police said they were unsure as to whether the child required medical attention for the bite or not at the time. A witness to the incident went to the school’s management and let them know, but nothing was done after that point. Choudhry failed to report it to the proper authorities and even told a staff member not to report it. Reporting to police and CPS is required by state law.

The next day a call was placed to Child Protective Services by an anonymous caller. The police began an investigation on September 16th. Brown was arrested and charged with assault and battery. She was released on a $2,000 secured bond. Choudhry was arrested and was charged with failure to report abuse or neglect.

The Goddard School, which is a franchise preschool under the parent company Goddard Systems, was about to be taken over by Choudhry. She was going to move up and take her parents’ place at the school. Her parents, Ghazalla Choudhry and Max Choudhry stated that would no longer be happening. As a result of the incident and their daughter’s involvement in it, she has been removed from her position. Once the Choudhry’s found out about the incident, on September 12th, they fired Brown as well.

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