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NJ Home-school Family Wins Fight Against Common Core

It has been said that when you don’t know your rights, you are no different from a person who has no rights. If someone is infringing on your rights and  you are unaware of what your rights are or do not have access to the information and resources about your rights, then you are in a very vulnerable situation.

 A family in New Jersey may have been forced into a home-school arrangement that they absolutely did not want had they not had access to the pertinent information relating to their state’s home-schooling laws. Their story is below:

After withdrawing their son from Westfield Public Schools, a homeschool family was surprised when the assistant superintendent sent them a copy of the school’s homeschool policy and asked them to call him.

Their surprise turned to shock when they saw that the policy required them to submit a letter of intent and an outline of their curriculum which (per the policy) must follow New Jersey Common Core content standards, and then wait for the superintendent to approve their curriculum and give them permission to homeschool.

Conflicting Policy

HSLDA Senior Counsel Scott A. Woodruff wrote the assistant superintendent and pointed out that the policy conflicted with current New Jersey Department of Education policy regarding homeschooling. In fact, it appeared to be based almost entirely on the long-discarded policy of former Commissioner Klagholz.

Shortly thereafter the family received a letter from the superintendent dropping all demands that they follow the school system policy. Instead, the superintendent told them their curriculum merely “should be guided by the New Jersey Common Core State Standards.” Woodruff wrote back and firmly explained that homeschool families have no duty to follow or be guided by common core standards.

Source: HSLDA

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