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After Sandy Hook Tragedy, Panel Wants To Change Home-school Oversight

By: Krystle Crossman

There have been multiple school shootings in the past few years. Some of the shootings have been past students coming back for vengeance against students still in the school or teachers they had. Some of them are current students that have a gripe with someone in the school. In the case of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, CT the shooter was someone who was home-schooled. His mother was a teacher at the school. He shot her in their home and then went to the school and opened fire killing 20 elementary aged students and 6 staff members. It was a very dark day not only for the town of Newtown but for the country. In light of this shooting the state of Connecticut is looking into changing requirements for a student to be home-schooled to be more in line with the requirements of public school students.

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission realized that there was an oversight on the home-school program within their district after evaluating the shooter’s mental health history. Governor Dannel Malloy created this commission a year and a half ago. They are trying to develop individualized learning plans for students that have behavioral and mental health issues who are home-schooled in an effort to minimize the possibility of tragedies like Sandy Hook happening again.

These individual plans are already in place for students that are enrolled in the public schools but Governor Malloy feels that they made a huge oversight by not having these same plans and requirements for the students who are taught at home. Hamden, CT mayor Scott Jackson says that the plan sounded controversial as parents who home-school often do so because they don’t want to have to follow the requirements of the public school system. Psychiatrist Dr. Harold Schwartz states that the plans were looked over very carefully before the recommendation to implement the plans was put through.

Mayor Jackson says that the most important piece to all of this is to have a support system in place for the student so that they can get the help that they need immediately before any tragedies occur.

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