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Why Are Conservatives Working To Remove This Course From Classrooms?

By: Krystle Crossman

A new AP U.S. History course that is about to go into effect in some schools has activists in an uproar. They feel that this course should not be taught to students and are fighting to have the College Board get rid of the course. They state that it has underlying anti-American views. The College Board said that there is no such thing and is planning to continue to have this new course introduced to the schools.

The Republican National Committee joined in the fight to stop the course from hitting schools stating that the views in the course material were largely geared towards negative things that have happened in this country and very few positives. In Colorado there is a school board member that is asking the district to look over the course materials. They want to make sure that they course is un-biased and talks more about patriotism and what it means to be an American instead of having the entire course on the negative side of the country. The state school board in Texas is considering dropping this course from their list of classes altogether.

Julie Williams is the school board member in Jefferson County, Colorado that is urging the district to look over the materials of this course. She stated that we shouldn’t be teaching the future of America to hate the country that they are in. Jane Robbins is from the American Advocacy Project. She says that it seems that whoever wrote the course materials has a very extreme leftist view on American history and makes sure that it stays that way throughout the course.

The College Board is standing firm in stating that there is nothing wrong with the course materials as they are. They released a part of the AP History exam so that people would see the kinds of questions there are on the test and how they are not geared to one side or another. They also did end up revising some of the course due to the sheer amount of complaints that they were receiving about it. They submitted an open letter with the revision stating that they left some important history figures out because history teachers already knew enough about them to teach to the class without the use of the materials.

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14 thoughts on “Why Are Conservatives Working To Remove This Course From Classrooms?

    • Nick

      What a poorly written piece. If you’re not willing to identify the specific course you are talking about
      then why write this “boogey man” story?

  1. Christopher

    So essentially the nature of the course is a college credited high school course teaching U.S. History in regards to the negative and positive sides of our heritage. I say go for it, but considering the leanings of most Republicans, it’s not surprising in the least that they wouldn’t want history to be learned the way it happened because then that would mean that they would have the information to decide for themselves which in their minds is not the type of demographic that tends to lean Republican. Lol

    • B. Louise Bibbs-BallardSwanson

      Too long the Caucasians have written history which has alway left them in a good, victorious and loving people! They need to start with their European history and why the fled to The Americas of which they claimed to have discovered. How can you discover something that belonged to the inhabitants already living her. Because they wanted to live like the educated, higher hierarchy they then needed someone to do the work; they were inferior in England Society, therefore they HAD to have someone to Lord over. They had the Chinese and the blacks because they did not blend in and they could not run away. The indentured servants were only for a short period of time and then they had to pay them when their time was done. Every where Caucasians went they disrupted and destroyed the people, I.e. Hawaii, Africa, Peru and every other country of which they wanted control.

  2. Eve

    It seems the republicans don’t want to show how racist America has been towards every ethnicity except whites. I feel all children should be taught the good as well as the bad deeds America has impacted on every one.

  3. Rhonald Jackson

    It’s too late for them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of social media have enlightened the world to what America is really all about. They have heard the American cry to spread democracy and social media shows the world, what America’s at home democracy is like and how it works.

  4. Sankofa

    Great blast Bibbs!!! Our students need to learn Ourstory along with His-Lie!! We must educate them to truth, real truth! I know a few Indios people that do not like the way their story is written(savages, most chiefs evil). The struggle continues….Hotep..

  5. A. G.

    What part are they trying to keep out of the history books? Since it was not stated in the article, I think history should be taught as it happened, the good, the bad and the ugly after all, this country does have an ugly past and therefore in order to move ahead and keep this from happening again, it must be taught!

  6. Pernell Parham

    They want to homogenize history. They don’t want to tell the world how they mistreated people of color or tell how truly vicious they were towards us. The killing, lynching, slavery period. They showed how depraved and monstrous they were and now they want to hide all their misdeeds. The true histories show who the real savages are.

  7. Hiroader2

    The conservatives at deception again…, The history has been well documented since the slave trades.. Almost every name & detail.., THE GREATEST LIE THE DEVIL EVER TOLD WAS HE DOESN’T EXIST… Countless murders, lawlessness, even the old policies and laws have been recorded… Listening to NPR national public radio I can how the red state education administrators wanted to manipulate this country’s BLACK HISTORY curriculum calling it “liberal propaganda “… Seriously Black History curriculum is Liberal Propaganda… 100 years from the end of reconstruction 1860’s to the civil rights dog & hoses demonstrations (liberal propaganda).. 100 years of lawlessness and the educators black or white have FAILED to provide DOCUMENTED TRUE accounts to generations of future americans… THE DEVILS A LIE?… That 40 acres government document was a lie… What was given & taken away in documented history will be viewed as “liberal propaganda ” to FUTURE AMERICANS. politically, socially and historically… They will see NO SHAME in future discriminatory disparities… Children today should research the 1919 Red Summer… a time before public housing & welfare… The Devils a liar..!

  8. A. G.

    History entails the good, bad and yes the ugly! You can tell the truth or tell a bunch of Republican lies! This should be fought all the way!! History details the past so we won’t be stupid enough to repeat it!!


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