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Why Teachers Shut Down Two Schools By Calling In Sick (They Weren’t Sick)

By: Krystle Crossman

Golden High School and Jefferson High School in Denver, Colorado shut down two days in a row because they didn’t have any teachers to teach the students. Teachers in the two schools called out sick two days in a row due to the changes being proposed to the AP U.S. History course and also in changes to their pay. Golden High School had 81% of its teachers call out and Jefferson had 70% of their teachers call out.

Even the students of the school got together and protested the changes to the history course. The proposed changes would make it so that the history class was all about patriotism and made sure that it reflected that the authors of the book didn’t condone social disorder. That is a problem because social disorder is a very important part in our country’s history. The Jefferson High School students marched through Edgewater, Colorado streets and held signs that said things like, “we have a right to know history”. There was a large student walk-out as well at the Colorado high schools. The students reject this change just as much as the teachers do. An English teacher at Golden stated that they were all tired of the board getting to make all of the decisions.

Another reason that teachers called out of work for two days straight was because of a new proposal that says raises for teachers would now be determined by their evaluations from students. While that may seem to be a fair proposal and that raises should be determined by performance what the board doesn’t seem to remember is that they are in a high school where the students are the ones that are doing the evaluations. Students can be untruthful when it comes to teacher evaluations. If they don’t like something the teacher said or did at the beginning of the year they may carry that all the way through the year and then give a poor evaluation even though the teacher was doing their job as they should. This is the reason that the teachers are protesting this proposal.

The superintendent of the school district states that any of the teachers that cannot prove that they were actually sick over these two days would be docked pay and also could punish them for insubordination if they continue to call in sick without a valid reason.

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2 thoughts on “Why Teachers Shut Down Two Schools By Calling In Sick (They Weren’t Sick)

  1. Wiliam Leonard

    Teacher deserve to express their thoughts on what will work in the class room. Who ever heard of students giving evaluation of their teacher. Teacher evaluation should be judge by the progress that the students make and some time that may not be a true factor.

  2. Tjay

    The way, I read this article is more of a racist because for the last 6 years we have a Black President and Black family in White House. It has change whole lot in the America and history then their past generation time. Some of the White teacher are not comfortable to teach their white or international student about Black/African American people. The teacher does have their rights not to TEACH! Perhaps, I’m so surprised that the both school superintendent allowed it and closed their school!! They ought to be fired or docked their pay or find replacement. It times to move on people! EVERY CHILD HAD A DREAM IN THEIR LIFE! BELIEVE IN THEM W/O A DOUBT!


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