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What to Do When Your Home-schoolers Are Just Not Motivated

By: Krystle Crossman

The point of home-schooling is to take away the public school regime and to have your children learn in a more relaxed and welcoming environment. The problem is that learning at home may be a little too relaxing for some students. It may be a tough job to get them motivated enough to shut off the video games and do some work. Home-school mother Jena Borah writes about how she gets her kids motivated and ready to learn:

1. Change your expectations of your children – Just because they are doing something that is not traditionally a “school activity” doesn’t mean that they aren’t learning something. You also don’t want to take away the fun from something that they enjoy doing. If they are reading a book and are really into it Borah states that she doesn’t make them write a book report on it because that will take the joy out of reading. Instead she asks about what they learned from it.

2. Get the motivated with things that they like – If you try to force something on a child that they do not like they become resistant immediately. Ask them what they would like to learn about. What are some of their interests or hobbies? Stem their learning from that subject and incorporate different subjects into it. For example if they are into astronomy you can formulate math problems and science experiments that deal with the planets and stars. If they are interested in what they are going to be learning about they will be more motivated to get to work.

3. Don’t yell – If you yell at them because they are not doing what you think they should be doing or if they are having a little trouble adjusting to home-school life they are going to resent their time at home. Make sure that they know the rules but do not get extremely angry as this will complicate things further. Gain a mutual respect for each other and it will go a long way.

4. Try not to bribe – When you bribe children to learn about new things they will think that they are going to get a reward every time they are told they need to learn something new. Using them every now and then is okay but do not let it become the be all end all cure.

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