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Why Colleges Still Offer Home Economics As a Major

By: Krystle Crossman

When you think of Home Economics class you probably think back to when you were stuck in a classroom with other students while sewing, baking, and learning about how to run a home. Many students took this class for granted and didn’t take much away from it. Brigham Young University is trying to show students how important these classes are and are even offering many different and more modernized Home Ec classes. They only have around 100 students out of their 34,409 enrolled in these classes but they hope that this number will grow.

The classes aren’t just about sewing anymore. BYU offers up a much more modern version of Home Economics that incorporates science, engineering, and math. They teach students about cooking but also have classes that focus on energy consumption in the home and accounting to make sure that students are set to pay bills on time and manage their money effectively. BYU professor Chris Moore feels that students have not officially graduated from college until they learn these necessary life skills.

Many of the students that take these courses through BYU go on to become entrepreneurs in fields such as the food industry or fashion design. Some go on to be teachers and will teach others about cooking and fashion. Professor Moore states that while they do have traditional classes that focus on food prep, apparel, and textiles, they also offer classes that are more in line with STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math). He says that they are showing with these classes that STEM can be incorporated into Home Economics and that it is a valid learning experience for students.

Students learn about all of the latest appliances and technologies in these classes as well as older techniques so that they can apply this knowledge when they get into their own homes. They learn the science about how the appliances work and minor fixes should they break. They will learn about how math is incorporated into everyday life such as when they balance a checkbook, measure out food, and even when they build things for home repairs. They also have the option of taking courses that focus on family finances to help them manage their money better when they are out on their own.

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One thought on “Why Colleges Still Offer Home Economics As a Major

  1. Kirsten

    My daughter’s high school has this as an academy called, International Hospitality and Tourism Academy (IHTA), and she absolutely loves it! They are learning that there are so many fields that fall under the umbrella of what is basically, “Home Ec.” P.R., business owner, Marketing…the list goes on!


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