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How To Home-school When You Work Full Time

By: Krystle Crossman

Trying to home-school full-time while you try to hold down a full-time job as well can be a tricky balancing act. Fortunately there are a few things that you can do to alleviate some of the pressure and be able to do both. Here are some suggestions to make the work/school balance a little easier on yourself and your family:

1. Work from home – There are a lot of different opportunities out there for people who need to work from home. You can start a business by selling crafts on Etsy or you can find a company that has full-time telecommute positions. Be careful and do your research when looking on the internet for jobs that are from home as many are scams.

2. Hire a tutor – If you find that your children are having a hard time grasping certain concepts but you have to work and can’t give them the extra attention they may need, get a tutor to help.

3. Friends and relatives – Try and get some friends and relatives to help. If there are days where you really need to get work done or have to go into the office, ask if they can come to your home and fill in as teacher for the day.

4. Bring your kids to work – Some companies are very flexible when it comes to home life mixing with your work life. They allow children to be brought in to work with you.

5. Change your school schedule – One of the best parts of home-schooling is that you do not have to have a set schedule like public schools do. If you need to work full-time during the day you can home-school in the evening or the other way around.

6. Work opposite schedules as your spouse – Try to get an opposite schedule from your spouse so that one of you is always home to teach the children. Unfortunately this can create some tension as you do not see your spouse nearly as much.

7. Independent study – Once your children are old enough they can utilize independent study. You can assign lessons for them to work on through the day and give them a deadline for the assignments.

8. Get a babysitter – Give the kids homework while the babysitter is there so they are still doing some schooling while you are working.

9. Enjoy the time you have – Make sure that no matter what schedule you work you have fun with the kids and enjoy the time that you have with them!

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One thought on “How To Home-school When You Work Full Time

  1. Ben Haith

    I have been promoting “Summer Home Schools” on the internet. It is important that people create “study rooms” in their homes or elsewhere for their children. Summer Home Schools gives our churches an opportunity to get involved with their community. Let’s work together to upgrade the education of our children.


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