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These College Majors Could Lead to “Big Bucks”

By: Krystle Crossman

Going to college has one main purpose for most. People that complete college tend to get better jobs and make more money. Some majors in college tend to pay out more in the end than others do. Here are the top ten majors if you are looking to make the most money:

1. Petroleum Engineering: Salaries for this career field can range on average from $93k to $103k after getting a bachelor’s degree and having just one year of experience. They figure out new ways to get oil and energy resources from the earth.

2. Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineers are the people who figure out how to manufacture things like pharmaceutical drugs, fuels, and food to name a few. The average salary with a bachelor’s degree starts around $67k.

3. Nuclear Engineering: Engineers in this field will build machinery that is used in nuclear power plants. With a bachelor’s degree they can expect to start around $66k per year.

4. Electrical Engineering: These engineers test, fix, and design electronic devices and mechanical equipment. They work on devices from phones all the way to large machines used in factories. They make an average of $63k per year after college.

5. Aerospace Engineer: If working on airplanes, space shuttles, and other aircraft is for you, this is your major. Starting salaries average around $62,500.

6. Actuarial Math: Actuarial mathematicians work in the insurance and finance industries. Their starting salaries average around $58,700.

7. Mechanical Engineering: Tools, machinery, and engines are built by mechanical engineers. Starting salaries average around $58,600.

8. Nursing: The medical field is bursting with jobs and if you are someone who loves taking care of people, nursing is your field of study. Registered nurses can make an average of $52k to start but in areas where a bachelor’s degree is required they can make more.

9. IT and Information Systems: Computers have taken over at most businesses and we all know that technology fails us at times. This is where an IT person comes in. They fix whatever problem is ailing your computer, phone, or electronic device. Starting salaries average around $51k.

10. Pharmaceutical Sciences: This major combines math and chemistry to relate to pharmaceutical drug studies. Starting salaries average around $42k but you will have to go back to school for more extensive training to become a pharmacist.

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2 thoughts on “These College Majors Could Lead to “Big Bucks”

  1. Armeader

    Computer engineer new college graduates can earn an average salary range of $56,000 to $71,000 per year. My son chose this career for videogames after college he can join the military to participate in war games. These engineers analyze, design, develop and test computer software and systems, an ever-evolving field that requires technological expertise and specialization. Those systems cover everything from videogames to network distribution, and demand is likely to grow in areas including cyber security.


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