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Being Poor Is The Main Reason High School Kids Don’t Go To College

By: Krystle Crossman

Many students who graduate from high school go right into their college careers. Most of these students however are from schools that are in areas that are considered to be moderate to high-income areas. Areas that are considered to be lower class tend to have lower college enrollments. This could be due to the fact that schools in lower class areas tend to have lower educational standards and many of the students are made to believe that since they come from that area they will never amount to anything which is very far from the truth. Many teachers in lower income schools do not hold the students to high standards due to stereotypes which deprives the students from the education that they deserve. This carries through after high school.

A study of data from the National Student Clearinghouse shows just how big some of the gaps between classes are when it comes to college enrollments. Some students go to charter schools right up through high school. These students had a 60% enrollment rate in college right after they graduated and students that went to private schools had an average of 86%. High schools that were in low-minority and high-income areas had between 61% and 73% enrollment in college right after graduation. The enrollments for students who lived in lower income areas were 47% to 58%.

Many students that go to schools that are high-minority schools but not considered low-income schools will enroll in a two-year program right out of high school at a community or state college. Alternately those in high-income and low-minority schools had lower enrollments at two-year programs. The majority went straight into four-year programs right out of high school.

Out of the students that did enroll in college the ones who were in the higher income and lower minority schools were much more likely to stay in college and finish their degrees. In 2011 research showed that between 83% and 89% of students from these schools stayed with their degrees and graduated from college. Out of the students that went to low-income high schools and enrolled in college they found that between 75% and 82% stayed in college all the way through.

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One thought on “Being Poor Is The Main Reason High School Kids Don’t Go To College

  1. J. D. Hill

    Prospective college students may not be able to go to the college of their choosing, but there are myriads of options to attend other colleges that can give then the accredited and recognized degrees that they want. The same applies to college graduates and their pursuit of employment. They should look for work in locations that have ample employment opportunities for people with their training and talents.

    Regionally accredited historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) are often affordable options that too many Black high school graduates overlook. They should not allow not wanting to leave home (except to shack with a boyfriend or girlfriend), not wanting to go to another state, or not wanting to be in a predominantly Black collegiate environment to be a hindrance to a quality or excellent college education.

    Furthermore, student loans can be repaid in various ways or forgiven altogether in some instances. Research, investigate, and use grants, scholarships, work-study, and student loans to get that degree.

    When the door of opportunity unlocks, we still must do some pushing to open the door. Young Black must not allow road bumps to detain them from moving on into their destiny to be whatever they can see themselves becoming.


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