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How Schools Are Preparing Our Kids For a Non-Existent World

By: Krystle Crossman

When you go to school you are taught how to do things. You head to college knowing that you want to be a chef and so you take classes that teach you the how and why. But do they teach you how to be creative? Do they tell you about thinking outside the box? Often times they do not and kids are going out into the world with no real sense of creativity anymore. They are taught specifics and then they go out and perform those specifics. They aren’t taught how to discover new things.

With the population growing, climates changing, and natural resources depleting which means that we need to come up with new and inventive ways of keeping our land clean and keeping people fed. Unfortunately if kids are not learning in school how to discover new things and to only think one dimensionally, that cannot happen. Fortunately for the future of the country there are schools that are now partaking in classes that are not about learning fundamentals. They are all about discovery. The students enter the classroom and get to do a series of experiments to figure out new and exciting things.

The classrooms are set up much like labs. They have tools available that can help the students to test out theories that they may have. Harvard University has classes that are normally classes where you learn strictly about the subject and usually don’t have much room to be creative. Thanks to the professors of these classes however they are about being as creative as possible and discovering new things about the subject that they are in class for. They are urged to think outside of the box and really immerse themselves in the subject so that they get a clearer understand of the big picture.

Other schools such as MIT have what is called a culture lab. It is a class that shows students about other cultures and how they go about discovering new things. It immerses them in a new culture and allows them to learn some of the creative techniques that other countries have. These are the kinds of classes that all schools should have to build a brighter future.

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