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Are Schools Reacting Well to Ebola?

By: Krystle Crossman

With the news that the nurse who contracted Ebola in the US had been on a domestic flight, schools are taking action to try and limit or prevent an outbreak among students. After the news of the airline flight two schools shut down. Other schools began doing health screenings on the students. In Fairfax County Schools in Virginia, if any of them had a fever they were asked if they had recently traveled to any of the countries that have been affected by Ebola. If they said yes they would be taken to get additional testing. New students that came into the district were given a questionnaire to answer and had additional testing if deemed necessary.

In New York City the schools have urged students who have traveled to any of these affected areas and have a fever to go to the nurse immediately. They also stated that if there was no nurse available that they go to a private room until they can be picked up by their parent and then seek immediate medical attention. In Georgia students got the same letter from the Health Department. They are encouraged to practice germ-stopping habits like washing their hands. Students that are coming from the affected countries are not allowed to enroll into classes in Atlanta until they have provided medical proof that they do not have the virus. There have already been two students that came from Liberia who have not yet been able to enroll.

In Texas a few schools have closed if they had anyone enrolled who came in contact with Amber Joy Vinson, one of the nurses that contracted the virus from the Liberian man who died in Dallas. They are also handing out questionnaires and used a temperature screening device to check students who are showing any symptoms. The schools that have been closed down are being disinfected as they had students who were on the airline flight with Vinson. Two schools in Ohio also closed after learning that people in the school had been on the same aircraft.

Is this a little over the top considering how few in the country actually have Ebola? Some say yes, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

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One thought on “Are Schools Reacting Well to Ebola?

  1. Susan Rhodes

    Over the top. You are no more likely to get Ebola than HIV/Aids as it also requires contact with body fluids and is not airborne. So unless someone actually has symptoms and you have exposure to their body fluids, you can not be infected by them. It does make sense to check anyone returning from those areas for Ebola who have a fever as a precaution. As far as the hand washing, the kids should have always been doing that to avoid other diseases like cold and flu viruses or prevent contamination with E.coli after a BM. I think the news media just wants to stir the pot and the politicians want to distract people from all their scurrilous activities and lack of lack of work ethic. Especially the Republican’ts who have not worked since 2008.


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