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5 Coaches Suspended From NJ High School After $ex Abuse Scandal

By: Krystle Crossman

A high school in New Jersey has suspended five of its football coaches due to allegations of s*xual assault that happened within the football team. There are also pending s*xual abuse charges for seven football players that range in age from 15-17 years old. This was all a part of a hazing gone wrong at Sayreville War Memorial High School. The investigation focuses on the alleged abuse of four of the freshmen who are on the football team at the school as well.

The coaches that have been suspended are not facing charges in the hazing incident. There is one coach who is the head coach and the other four are assistants. They have all been suspended with pay while the matter is investigated. All five are also teachers at the school. They may not have played a role in the hazing and assault incident but they were in charge of the players that were involved and they are the ones that run the progam.

Three of the football players from the team are being charged with counts of aggravated s*xual assault. The other four have been charged with aggravated criminal s*xual contact, aggravated assault, and other crimes which have not yet been listed. They reportedly held down the freshmen players while the other players touched them inappropriately. Interviews with the victims revealed that while they were being held down their attackers were sticking fingers in their r*ctums and then putting them in their mouths. Unfortunately for those who were not involved in this incident, the fate of the football program at the school is now in serious jeopardy.

Neither the superintendent nor the principal of the school wanted to give a direct comment on the investigation. The superintendent however did state that he was cancelling the football program for the rest of the school year. He said that he is also thinking of shutting down the program indefinitely. This punishes so many students and most certainly tarnishes the name of the school however it is good to see that they are taking the matter very seriously. The high school has a student body of over 1,700.

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One thought on “5 Coaches Suspended From NJ High School After $ex Abuse Scandal

  1. Nikki from The Bronx

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    It’s truly a shame that all of the students and others that are on the football team have to suffer the consequences due to these unruly, malicious and hurtful behavior of the youth, and who have behaved horribly wherein instigating some unfortunate choices to say the least. They have done such mental damage and physical injuries to these poor freshman football players, and needless to say that they will be permanently damaged due to the horrific and sickening hazing incident. I agree 110% with the superintendent that the football season be suspended for the rest of the year, and he further indicated that he’s not certain if this program will ever be reinstated. Something needed to take place and I’m glad he took the initiative to step up and make changes, and hopefully some progress and improvement will be implemented. I think the superintendent sent a clear and unmistakable message to these students and parents of these disruptive football players.
    Peace Out!


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