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In TX These Ideas Are Taught As Facts

By: Krystle Crossman

For students in public schools in Texas, history may be a little convoluted. A study of the textbooks that they were using in their curriculum had a lot of religious and political biases according to the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. The TFN did a sampling of the textbooks that came from publishers such as McGraw-Hill and Pearson to see what they were putting in these textbooks and where there were opportunities for change.

One of the things that TFN did note was that these biases were not the fault of the publishers since they were just creating books according to the state standards that are set out by the state of Texas. Kathy Miller, the president of TFN, stated that the publishers were having a difficult time creating these books for the students with the standards that were in place but did a pretty good job of maintaining the facts as they should have. Unfortunately some of these facts were skewed and were more geared towards the beliefs of the politicians in Texas as opposed to being actual facts. Even though the publishers did make a lot of corrections to the biases and inaccuracies Miller says they still have a long way to go. The books that are supposed to be released in November are still pending approval.

Here are some of the biases that are found in these books:

1. Capitalism – The books for Texas students really push that capitalism is the most important out of any of the other structures. They outline the greatest parts of the free enterprise system but not the other systems. They also tell the students to compare and contrast the different structures but put emphasis on capitalism.

2. Church and State – The books ask students to compare and contrast church and state and ask them to question why they should be separated. Mavis Knight, a school board member, states that this is implying that the doctrine for the separation does not exist.

3. Slavery and segregation – The chapters on this era are very thin if they are even there at all. They found that some of the books skipped these topics altogether. The Texas NAACP filed a complaint stating that they are downplaying the violence of the KKK.

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4 thoughts on “In TX These Ideas Are Taught As Facts

  1. Clifford A. Armstrong, Sr.

    This site needs a lot of proof reading, ie. The NCAAP, rather than NAACP; the proper spelling and words not being either plural or singular, etc. The Bible does not call for separation of church and state, The United States Consititution calls for this. There are several new books out on the role of slavery in the building of the United States, its wealth and the role the South played in trying to break away from the North that isn’t taught fully or at all in either Northern or Southern schools. The role of Black people is dumbed down to the level of slavery without citing the hundreds of inventions and process improvements developed by those slaves or children or former slaves to reduce the back breaking work required by the overseers of the day. Lets get real and input the real facts into our living history.

  2. Nichole Armstrong

    I agree we need to have the history told so the truth is known to our kids. The white man will not allow himself to look so cruel however. So we can not expect history to be told to show how creative and inventive we are as a.people.nor what we really went thru in slavery how cruel it was and all that our work did for this “Great Country” The of picking cotton generated so much wealth for the US and even for Europe.
    So how do we get our real history& contributions to the US told… this is what I want to work towards changing or adding to our text books… why are white Americans so ashamed to tell it! Why dum it down… why have we let them are we our selves ashamed. Imjs.

  3. godfather05

    What do you expect from a state with right wing fanatical Republican bigots like, Perry, Cruz, Cornin and now maybe Abbott as the next governor? Texas is not exactly in the South however their ways are like Mississippi,Alabama and other hate mongering Southern States.


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