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New Data Shows States Where Kids Have Best Educational Opportunities

By: Krystle Crossman

Opportunity Nation and Measure of America have recently released a list of the states that give kids the most educational opportunities and the ones that give the least. Pre-school enrollment numbers have not gone up for some time. This could be due to lack of funding for the pre-schools which makes them too costly for many parents. High school graduation rates however are at an all-time high. The way that that states are ranked depends on pre-school enrollment, number of high school graduates, and number of adults with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. Some of the best states in the nation are:

– Vermont
– Massachusetts
– New Jersey
– Connecticut

Some of the worst states for educational opportunities are:

– Mississippi
– West Virginia
– Louisiana
– Nevada (ranked the worst)

This is the fourth year that this study has been conducted and so far it is showing positive trends with education. Even though the pre-school enrollments are down the number of kids graduating from high school has gone up as well as the number of people who complete at least an associate’s after. Russell Krumnow, who is the managing director for Opportunity Nation stated that pre-school numbers should start to increase soon as early education is really being focused on right now.

Washington D.C. has the highest number of pre-school registrations. This is in large part due to a legislation that passed in 2008 stating that more pre-school programs needed to be established. After that legislation passed the enrollment rate for pre-schools went from 27% to 75%. This expansion of pre-school programs is gaining a lot of support for other states across the country as well. The Five Years Fund conducted a survey in July for politicians to see what their stance on the matter was. The Democrats had 84% stating that they would approve and stand behind a pre-school expansion. Nearly 60% of Republicans stated the same.

Early education is an extremely important building block for your child’s future. The hope is that more pre-school programs will become available over the next few years so that more families can enroll their children.

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