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Why a New Documentary About Home-schooling Got Such a Great Response

By: Krystle Crossman

Views on home-schooling in our country differ from person to person. Some feel that it is not a viable alternative to traditional schooling and others feel that it is the only way that children should be educated. A lot of people don’t know anything about home-schooling so they don’t really give it much thought. Enter Jeremy Stuart and Dustin Woodward of 3StoryFilms. They have created a documentary called Class Dismissed that shows home-schooling in a positive light and dispels any myths and preconceived notions that people may have about teaching their children at home. Stuart sat down for an interview with Christine Escobar from and spoke about the film.

The film follows a family living in LA who made the decision to pull their two children from school and teach them at home. As a home-school parent himself Stuart made sure to show all of the parts that people may be confused about or hear rumors about that are untrue. He stated that he had seen other documentaries on educating children but was disappointed because they made it seem like it was not a viable option and that there were no other alternatives to traditional schooling. And so he and Woodward decided to make their own documentary to show parents that there are other options. So many people complain about the currently educational system but feel that they are trapped and that is their only option for their children.

Stuart has been overwhelmed by the response to the film. It has been showing at independent theaters on the West Coast to sold out crowds. They will be moving the film to the Midwest and the East Coast in the coming months but being that they are a small production company their options for screenings are limited. They have the movie coming out on DVD next year and also offer a screening pack that has the film and a lot of different home-school resource guides that can offer parents who are interested in home-schooling some insight and direction.

Stuart says that he wants people to walk away from the film feeling intrigued to explore the world of educating your children at home. He wants the audience to have a better understanding of this option and maybe even want to take that leap themselves.

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