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Small Indicators That Your Child May Have a Learning Disorder

By: Krystle Crossman

Some learning disabilities are easy to spot. They become clear once your child is old enough to speak, sometimes even sooner than that. But there are other learning disabilities that may not be so obvious. There are little things that your child may do early on in life that could give you some clues and may signal that there is a learning disorder lying in wait. There are some things that children do that may indicate that they have a learning disorder:

1. If a child says the words that they are writing out loud while they are writing them it could indicate a language problem. Some children are auditory learners which is just another learning style. When they cannot learn anything without it being taught in an auditory manner is when it becomes a problem.

2. If your child speaks in different volumes all the time they may have some social communication disabilities. Get them in for a hearing test first but if that comes back clear they may have the indicators for a social skill issue as they are missing the cues of what a socially acceptable volume is.

3. Children become excited when they learn new things and they want to tell people all about it. This is perfectly normal. However when they are older and they go on and on about this new thing in their life but miss the cues that no one around them is paying attention or interested it may be worth watching for other signs that would indicate and Autism spectrum disorder. Talin Babikian, a clinical neuropsychologist at UCLA School of Medicine says that it is good to start watching for this behavior in kindergarten and first grade.

4. If you notice that your child is holding on to their writing utensil in a strange manner it could suggest that they are having fine motor skill issues.

5. A child that is always falling or bumping into objects may have early markers for ADHD. Toddlers run into things and that is all a normal part of their development. But as they get older if they are acting recklessly and always getting hurt this could be a sign of ADHD.

6. One of the most common learning disorders is dyslexia. There are small cues that can identify if this is a problem that your child faces. If they are constantly mixing up things such as up and down or left and right, it could mean that their brain is not processing direction as it should.

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