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Suburban High School Kids Arrested After $exting Scandal

By: Krystle Crossman

Three Warren Township High School students from Gurnee, IL were arrested earlier this week and may be facing serious child p0rnography charges. They were found with an inappropriate and explicit photo of a freshman girl on their phones which they spread to people all over the school. The parents of students at the school were alerted of the scandal via email.

The investigation took place over a period of two weeks. Gurnee Police Department investigators spoke with a lot of the students and looked at a lot of people’s phones. What these three boys probably thought was a fun joke could now ruin their reputations for life. If they are charged with and found guilty of child p0rnography charges they will have to register as s*x offenders for the rest of their lives. This will make it hard for them to find jobs and housing. This is also being treated as a case of cyberbullying.

The police department sent out a statement warning all of the students that things like this were not a game and that it could have very real consequences. They also stressed the importance of telling someone that you trust if you see this happening or if it is happening to them. The teachers are also talking to the students about the dangers of cyberbullying and s*xting as well. They say that if you get something from someone that could be considered one of these offenses, do not forward it. Bring it to an adult’s attention immediately or call the police.

Unfortunately with the rise in popularity of social media things like this are happening all over the country. Earlier this year students at Edison Middle School in Wheaton, IL were being investigated for creating fake Instagram accounts. These accounts had photos posted on them of Photoshopped staff and students in compromising positions. They said that at least one student was involved. The accounts have since been shut down. One of the biggest problems is that social media is so accessible to young people. Another problem is that sometimes young people do not think about what they are doing before they do it or think about who they are going to hurt in the process.

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