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How Obama Is Ensuring Low Income Kids Get Good Teachers

By: Isabella Carson

It is no secret that children in low-income area often have less qualified teachers than those who are in higher class area. Their education suffers because of something that is not within their control. But now the White House is doing what they can to put qualified teachers in the schools in these areas so that no child has to have their education taken from them just because of the area that they live in.

The Excellent Educators for All program was launched in July of this year. Its main focus is to send teachers that are high-level teachers to areas that may not have access to them normally. The Obama Administration is trying to make sure that the teachers are evenly spread out throughout the schools and not just concentrated in one area. They are looking to finalize the guidelines for the schools by summer of 2015.

Past studies have shown that children in high-minority schools often have teachers that do not hold a Master’s degree and sometimes don’t even have the certification in the subject that they are teaching. This is completely the opposite for children in wealthy areas where most of the teachers have Master’s degrees. The new guidelines for the schools say that the state must determine who is an “excellent teacher” on their own merit. They want the states also to look at the surveys that are completed at the end of the year that evaluate the teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom. The majority of the survey is made up of the test scores that the students receive on the standardized testing.

There are skeptics that do not feel that this plan will be followed through with in the wake of the No Child Left Behind Act. That plan was implemented in 2002 and aimed to redistribute teachers so that low-income students would have access to great teachers but it was never really enforced. Some are wondering if this is going to end up being the same thing and feel that the plan is flawed. The Department of Education however is reassuring people that they have plans in place to make sure that the states comply with the new guidelines.

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