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You Can Raise a Genius; Here’s How

By: Isabella Carson

Every parent feels that their child is gifted in some way. They may start speaking or walking early on in their childhood and the parents begin to imagine the possibilities of a genius child. These may not necessarily be traits that you would see in a gifted child but there are some early markers that could indicate that your child is developing at a quick rate. Some of them can even be seen as early as the infant stage. They include developing emotions and reactions to situations, learning how to read and write on their own, and asking questions that seem advanced for their age.

Once you spot these traits, what do you do? Is there a way that you can help them along to help them become even smarter? The answer is that yes, there is a way that you can help your child. You may not be able to make them smarter necessarily but you can help them to develop their skills that they already have. Keep an eye on them in school. They may become bored quickly because the classes are not moving at a pace that is fast enough for them. Many teachers focus more on the kids who need help instead of the ones who are excelling in class and so the fact that they may need to be in a higher grade is lost.

Find out what your child’s strengths are and help them to hone in those skills. Do not force your childhood on them if you have unfinished business from when you were a child (remember when you quit piano in the fourth grade?). Let them choose the topics and activities that they want to focus on and support them once they have made that choice. Forcing them to do things that they don’t want to do will only hold them back.

Make sure that you don’t hold them back when they ask for something that you feel is too advanced for them either. If they are asking questions that you are not sure about there are online libraries, tutors, and online classes that can help them to gain the knowledge that they are craving. If it is too advanced for them they will figure that out and you can help them to find out a solution.

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