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7 Yr Old Uses Her Violin As an Instrument of Peace In Ferguson

By: Isabella Carson

Ferguson, Missouri has been in a state of turmoil since the killing of teenager Michael Brown. The grand jury is currently deciding the fate of the officer who shot him, Officer Darren Wilson. As millions wait for the decision the city lies in a state of unrest. The citizens have protested, have fought, and have banned together for justice for Brown. The governor has declared a state of emergency and the National Guard has been called in in anticipation of the results of the grand jury verdict. The details of the case are still unclear but what is known at this time is that an unarmed 18 year old boy was shot multiple times and killed by a police officer for reasons that are still unknown.

A little girl by the name of Leah Flynn from Sanford, Florida saw the news coverage of Ferguson. She asked her mother what was happening and why all of the people looked so sad. When her mother told her what had happened the 7 year old decided that she wanted to help the people that she saw on television. She plays the violin and has been learning a song called “Let There Be Peace”. Leah would like to travel to Ferguson and play her violin for everyone standing in the cold streets. Her mother is extremely proud of her for wanting to step up and help all of those people that she doesn’t even know.

There is no word on whether Leah will get to go to Ferguson to play for the crowd or not but it may not be the best place for a small child at this time. The grand jury is expected to be released a decision any day now and depending on what the verdict is things could become violent again. The protests and unrest in the city began on August 9th when Brown was killed. They escalated quickly and turned into mass chaos. The police officers mandated curfews in the city and had the riot squads out to try and keep the looting and violence under control. There were many peaceful protests but amid the peaceful ones, violence still broke out.

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