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Teaching Perseverance: Helping Your Child to Stick With It

By: Krystle Crossman

It can be tough to be a kid sometimes. Everything is new and needs to be learned. Life lessons don’t come easily and freedom is limited all too often. But when the going gets tough, kids like to throw their hands up in the air and move on to something different. If this sounds like your child do not fear. There are some ways that you can teach your child about perseverance and about not giving up. Here are some tips from other moms from the Circle of Moms blog for helping your child when they feel that they want to quit:

1. Understand that you may not always be able to change your child’s mind. Think about getting help from their coach or instructor. They may be able to persuade the a little more to keep going and that they will only get better with practice.

2. You can try to prevent feelings of wanting to quit before they even start by picking the right activities for your child to participate in. If they hate soccer and you make them play anyway, they are going to want to quit. Make sure that you find activities that they like and that they are interested in. This way they will enjoy it more and will also be more determined to be great at it instead of giving up when it gets too hard.

3. Children watch everything we do so make sure you are practicing what you preach. Demonstrate to them how giving up on something does not make the problem go away and that the more you try the better you become.

4. When your child tries to quit an activity make sure that they stick with it at least until the season or year is over. Make sure they know that others are depending on them too and they should at least give things a try until the end.

5. Set expectations for your child that are realistic. If they are interested in sports they are not going to want to sit for hours on end to learn how to play an instrument. This is true for kids that are more artistic as well, they are not going to want to be a part of a team sport.

6. Make sure they know that you are not looking for perfection but just the best that they can do. Setting the bar at perfection intimidates kids and then they end up not wanting to be involved anymore because they feel like they can never get things right.

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