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Why Lessons From Pre-School Should Be Taught In Every Grade

By: Krystle Crossman

When you are young you learn how to share and play well with others. Unfortunately as you get older these lessons stop even though they are still useful lessons well into adulthood. The New America Foundation states that all school grades should take some of the lessons that are taught in pre-schools and teach them to the older kids as well, only updated for their ages. When you are working with other students you need to know how to collaborate on things such as projects and experiments. When you are in a home-school setting you need to learn to share tools and space with siblings or other home-school children if you take part in a co-op.

Schools these days are so focused on testing that measures the students’ academic achievement as well as the performance of the teachers that they often do not teach anything outside of what is on those tests. There have been studies however that show that the basic principles such as sharing and cooperation actually help student to excel academically. The dean of faculty at Lesley University in Boston, Lisa Fiore, states that if someone doesn’t know how to make friends, share with others, and use cooperation in life it doesn’t really matter what their test scores are.

Social skills appear to have fallen to the wayside when it comes to the older children and this is doing them a disservice. They will need to know how to collaborate their ideas with others when they are out in the workforce. They will need to know how to share their ideas, share a space, share materials, and work well with others. If they do not have these simple skills they will have a hard time finding a steady job that they like. More schools should be looking at the student as a whole, not just as an academic mind. The more social skills that they learn the better off they will be. There are still some teachers who focus on the importance of being a good person as well as being smart. The students who have those teachers are much better off because they have learned about real life.

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