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Watch This 8 Yr Old Book Lover Blow You Away With Her Speech

By: Krystle Crossman

Many children do not like reading. They find it to be a boring activity. It doesn’t stimulate them quite like video games or sports do unfortunately. But kids like 8-year-old Madison Reid love their books and are not afraid to speak out about it. Madison gave a very passionate speech in an interview with a local news station about Cleveland’s Little Free Library program.

The interviewer asked Madison if she was excited about the new library that they were getting. Her face lit right up. She said that she loved that you could go into the library and get any book that you want but you could also give the books back for other kids that don’t have access to books otherwise. Her interview blew up the internet because of her passion and her cuteness. She went on to say that the world needs books just as much as we need gas for cars and food for our bodies. She became very dramatic as her speech went on. She said that she would be heartbroken if even just one book was lost, even one page. She then said that the world was a better place when books were invented and that everything was good once books were introduced to people.

It is nice to see a child so passionate about reading. Adult literacy rates in the U.S. are pretty high but so many children are reading below grade levels because they don’t have access to the books that they need to practice reading with. The Little Free Library program is trying to combat this. What the program involves is a wooden box that is placed somewhere that the public has access to. When you have a book that you have already read you take it and put it in the box for others to enjoy and you take a book that someone else has left that you may enjoy. These boxes are especially helpful in lower-income communities as new books can be expensive and travel to public libraries can be hard to come by at times. Madison’s mother Tracy is a steward for one of the Little Free Library boxes in Cleveland so it is no wonder why Madison is so excited.


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