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Are Black Kids Held Back From Learning By Their Own Parents?

By: Krystle Crossman

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania black leaders are standing up for their children’s education in the city. They have made education the forefront of discussion in the city when before it seemed like everyone was willing to close the door on the topic as if it weren’t important. The education of young black students is in fact one of the most important building blocks for the black community. Educated children go on to become successful adults.

Tony Norman, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states that the issues that these black leaders are bringing up are slightly misguided but at least they are bringing educational issues to light. They are stating that the educational gap is caused largely in part by the teachers and state that with the new evaluation systems for teachers they will help to close the gap. Mr. Norman has a different idea however. He doesn’t see that the teachers, who work tirelessly to keep up with the ever-changing educational system, are the issue here. The parents of the children are.

Norman goes on to explain that the parents are the ones that need to get their children motivated to learn and become more involved with their child’s schooling. When the parents are not excited about learning, the children aren’t either. They become bored, unfocused, and uninterested. This can cause low grades and poor test scores since they do not feel that they have the motivation to do well. Unfortunately a lot of this comes from past history as well with quite a few teachers around the country that teach for these schools and how they treat the black students in the classrooms. Most teachers are there for every student, no matter what their race is, and will not stop until every child has learned everything that they can. There are some teachers however that will make minority children feel like the bar hasn’t been set very high by students of years past and that they will never amount to anything.

Norman says that even if children were sent to the best schools possible but if their parents are not engaged it won’t make a difference. Parents should be interacting by asking how their day at school was, helping with homework and projects, and encouraging them to do the best that they can do in the school. When the parents push their kids to do as well as they can and support them through their journey there is no limit to how far the child can go.

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