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Why Social Emotional Learning Should Be Taught To Every Child

By: Krystle Crossman

More and more schools are teaching children about social emotional learning (SEL). This is something that home-school children should learn about as well as it is a very important part of their growth. What they learn is how to react with their emotions appropriately, how to curb their behavior, and how to interact with others in an appropriate way. These are all lessons that will be carried on into adulthood as we all need these skills on a day to day basis no matter where we are.

Studies have shown that over time children who do not learn these skills become disconnected from school and begin to decline academically. All schools teach SEL differently but the basic lessons remain the same:

1. Relationships: Children are taught how to make relationships and maintain relationships with their peers. They are taught about peer pressure and how to deal with it. They are also taught the appropriate and inappropriate ways to communicate and deal with arguments between peers.

2. Feelings and self-awareness: They are taught about their feelings and how to express them when they arise and understand how their feelings will affect their overall behaviors.

3. Decision-making: Responsibly making decisions and learning how to recognize the consequences for those decisions. Recognizing that their decisions could have an effect on others and that they need to think about the safety of other people as well.

4. Social awareness: Being able to be sympathetic towards other people in their time of need. Taking social cues from their peers and thinking about the behaviors that are most appropriate for the situation.

5. Self-control: Being able to control their emotions and actions on their own.

What schools are hoping to gain by teaching all children these different lessons is to reduce the amount of bullying that happens in school. There are so many young children that are victims of bullying and some are even taking their own lives. The schools hope that by teaching them social emotional learning when they are very young they will be able to curb bullying as they get older because they will think about their actions and consequences more appropriately.

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