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You Won’t Believe Who Rudy Giuliani is Blaming for the Deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner

By: Krystle Crossman

Former mayor Rudy Giuliani isn’t afraid to speak his mind. This has been especially true over the last few weeks when it has come to the topic of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. One of his more recent interviews with Geraldo Rivera has people questioning whether he truly seems to know what he is talking about or not after blaming teachers’ unions for these young boys’ deaths.

Eric Garner was in NYC when he was approached by police officers. After a verbal exchange Garner was then placed into a chokehold by one of the officers. He kept yelling that he couldn’t breathing but the officer wouldn’t let up. They had him on the ground while he was stating that he couldn’t breathe. Garner died that day. The grand jury decided that they were not going to press charges against the officer. Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, MO when Officer Darren Wilson approached him and there was a confrontation. The grand jury did not indict Officer Wilson either. These two stories have had people in an uproar about police brutality. They have also been protesting for equal rights as both of these officers were white and their victims were black.

Giuliani says that black-on-black crimes are more of a problem than police brutality cases and that the focus is on the wrong thing. He states that the liberals are looking at police brutality and racism when they should be looking at the root of the cause. He believes that teachers unions are to blame. He states that these unions are fighting against charter schools, fighting against having schools that pay teachers based on their performance, as well as other initiatives that could improve black education dramatically.

Giuliani feels that if black students don’t get the education that they should be getting the situation of the black community will never improve. He states that activists such as Al Sharpton should be focusing on how to make black communities better and how to improve the black community’s education as opposed to blaming police officers. Guiliani’s comments may have some truth to them, the education system needs to be looked at, but as for blaming the teachers unions? That is up for discussion.

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