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Lessons That Home-school Kids Learn That Public School Kids Don’t

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling is becoming a bigger trend than many thought that it would. Parents are giving up traditional schooling and opting for home-schooling instead. The best part is that these kids are growing up learning so much more than they ever could in a public school setting. They are gaining valuable life experience from their parents and are learning more about the world than they would in a stuffy classroom.

When kids attend public school they are forced to learn about things that they will never again use in life for the most part. When are you ever going to have to write a ten page essay on the deeper meaning of a Shakespeare play? Are you really going to need those quadratic equations that they are making you memorize? Most likely not. What kids need to be learning are things that they are going to use once they are out on their own. They need to learn about how to calculate interest, how to calculate discounts, how to balance a check book, and how to make a budget. They should know about current events and what is going on in the world around them. How many people really know what is going on with the healthcare system or about imports and exports once they are done with high school?

The problem with public schooling is that they are so focused on having students learn what is on the standardized tests and that is it. They do not often teach them valuable life skills. They don’t have long discussions about different policies and legislations that are coming about. When they are home-schooled parents have the freedom to teach them all of these things and still incorporate the basics such as math and reading. For example, their reading assignment every day could be to read an article in the daily newspaper and write down a small report on what they thought about the story and how it impacts their lives. For math lessons they could be given problems such as: “If you buy a car that is $12,000 and you are paying 4.5% interest on your loan, what will your monthly payments be if you choose a 60 month repayment plan?” This is something that can help them greatly when they are off on their own.

It is a shame that public schools do not often teach kids these life lessons and instead have them focus on subjects that they are not interested and will never use.

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