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16 Year Old Joshua Colas Is Already an Aspiring Chess Grandmaster

By: Krystle Crossman

Chess is a game of skill, strategy, and talent. In order to become a great chess player you need to be able to strategize quickly and anticipate your opponent’s next move. Joshua Colas is only 16 years old but is already ranked 239th out of 57,000 chest players throughout the U.S. who are registered with the U.S. Chess Federation. His intent is to become a chess grandmaster. This is a title that is hard to earn but once you do you have the title for life.

Colas’s father taught him how to play chess at a very young age. He is now so good that he is able to beat his father at a game while blindfolded. At 12 years old he became the youngest Black chess master ever. He states that he wants to show other kids that playing chess isn’t just for rich people and that anyone can do it with time and hard work.

The journey to become a chess grandmaster is a long one. Colas must travel to Europe for a month to compete in international championship games. He recently won his second national championship in the U.S. His family is trying to raise money to help him get to Europe as the living costs for a month are quite high. They are hoping to raise just under $24,000 which will cover hotel, food, and any other costs. So far the Indiegogo account that they have started up has made over $7,000. His father stated that he is asking for help from people because he does not his son’s talent to go to waste and he knows that it is something that he truly wants.

While on his path to becoming a chess grandmaster Joshua is focusing on his educational future as well. He is still in high school but has been applying to colleges. He received full scholarships to two different universities but he is waiting to hear from MIT which is his top pick.

When Colas’s father sees his son play he is very proud. He says that he will always support him and will be there to help him when he loses.

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