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Who Is To Blame For Seven Teens Becoming Pregnant on a Class Field Trip?

By: Krystle Crossman

Class trips are supposed to be fun and educational. One group of girls unfortunately received an education on the dangers of unprotected s*x on their class trip to Sarajevo. Seven girls all became pregnant within a span of five days on their class trip. They were from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina and they were all ages 13 and 14. The group was made up of 28 girls.

The trip was a chance for the group of girls to see museums and learn about the history of Sarajevo. The parents of the pregnant teens were outraged and wanted to know why they were not being supervised on this trip. Where were the teachers while their daughters were off sleeping with strange men? Who knows what could have happened to them. In a twist the National Coordinator for Reproductive Health of the Republika is stating that the parents are the ones at fault in this incident. They say that the parents did not teach their daughters well enough and if the dangers of unprotected s*x the girls would not have become pregnant.

It seems that the parents of these girls would not be the only ones to blame if that were in fact the case. Bosnia has seen an alarming increase in girls who become s*xually active by the time they are 15. One gynecologist in Bosnia states that the number of teenage pregnancies is growing at an alarming rate as well. Senad Mehmedbasic, the gynecologist, says that parents and schools alike really need to become more involved with teaching their children about s*x and everything that goes with it. They need to teach these children about when they are truly ready, how to use protection, and how to avoid STDs and pregnancies. As it is now the teens in Bosnia are learning about s*x from experience and from stories that they are hearing on the street from others who are well-versed in the subject. They are learning all of the wrong things and unfortunately they are paying the price for it once they are pregnant. These girls obviously lacked the proper education on s*x but the teachers should share some of the blame too for a lack of supervision.

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