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Police Handcuff,Shackle 4 Year Old After Teacher,Principle Fail To Calm Him Down

By: Krystle Crossman

Nathaniel Greene Primary School which is located in Virginia has taken to extreme measures to discipline a 4 year old boy. He suffers from ADD and was misbehaving in class. The teacher said that the boy was throwing blocks all around the room while he was jumping on chairs and desks. He then proceeded to scratch and kick the director of education and the principal. They said that they were unable to get the child under control and had to resort to extreme measures.

After the incident in the classroom the principal decided that it was time to try another method to get the child under control. The deputy at the school put handcuffs on the young boy. They stated that this was for the boy’s safety as well as the safety of the principal, the teachers, and the other students. Once they got back to the principal’s office they decided to put him in leg shackles because he had tried to run away and try to kick the deputy. They said that this was the only way that they could control the violence. The handcuffs were taken off but the shackles remained as they put him into a police cruiser and took him away.

The boy’s mother was called and even though she arrived at the school in a timely fashion she found that her son was not at the school. She was appalled at the punishment that they had given him and appalled that the officers at the school allowed it to happen. The boy has been suspended indefinitely from the school at just four years old.

Jeffrey Fracher, a child psychologist, states that this kind of treatment at such a young age could have serious repercussions. His mother states that he was traumatized by the shackles and being taken away in the cruiser and now has night terrors as a result. Fracher says that he cannot think of a single time where it would be appropriate or useful to put a child that young in handcuffs or shackles. The risks to the child’s psychological development are far too great.

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