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What To Ask Your Kids Everyday If They Don’t Home-school

By: Isabella Carson

When your child gets home from school every day you are probably curious to know what happened throughout the day. Sometimes they will tell you all of the details, other times they are reluctant to talk about it. Talking to your child about school can lead to them being more engaged at school so they have something to come home and tell you about. Here are some questions that Ronnie Tyler , writing for compiled to spark a conversation when your child comes home from school:

1. How was your day? – Most kids will just answer “fine” so you will need to go one step further.

2. Why was it “fine” (or whatever other adjective they give you)? – This will help to open up the dialogue and get them talking to you.

3. Do you have homework? – Most will tell you that yes they do have homework. Some will say no because they don’t feel like doing it at that moment and want to put it off until the last minute.

4. Who are some of your friends in class? – This will allow you to determine whether they are getting along with the other kids in class or if they are finding that they are not able to make friends easily.

5. What did you eat for lunch and did you like it? – Listening kids describe school lunches can be quite comical sometimes. They may find that one or more of their choices were less than appetizing and they will be sure to tell you about it.

6. Do you have any papers for me? – Kids often misplace papers that need to be signed or important notices that are sent home. This will remind them that they have them and you need to see them.

7. What is on your agenda? – Teachers often leave notes in the school agendas so it is important to look and see if the teacher has left anything.

8. Who do you play with at recess? – Recess is a time for kids to run around and have fun with their friends. Ask them about the games they play. This is a good chance to find out if there are any bullies on the schoolyard.

9. Who is your best friend? – Knowing who your child’s best friend is is important.

10. Which subject is your favorite? – If they tell you what subject they like the best you can use it to your advantage when you are trying to teach them something or when you are looking for fun activities to do at home. For example if they like science you can do experiments at home such as a vinegar volcano.

11. Did anything exciting happen? – They may be more inclined to talk about the school day if they are talking about something really interesting that happened.

12. Do you have any tests coming? – Knowing whether they have tests or not is good because you can help them to buckle down and study.

13. What did you learn today? – A common response is “I don’t know” or “stuff”. They may be vague until you probe a little deeper.

14. What happened? – If they come home with the dreaded note from the principal or an incident report start a dialogue about what happened and how to make it better in the future.

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