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When You Read To Kids They Grow To Love Reading

By: Krystle Crossman

The digital age brings about a new learning experience for kids. They can play educational games that help them learn things such as math and language like never before. One of the biggest problems with all of this technology in the palm of our hands however is that fewer kids are actually sitting down to read a book. Publishing giant Scholastic conducted a survey to see just how many kids these days were sitting down and reading books just for fun.

Scholastic surveyed over 1,000 kids from ages 6 to 17. They found that only 31% of those kids stated that they read a book for fun every day as compared to the 37% that it was four years ago. They found that the older kids read more when they had time to. Many read for fun more often if they had an independent reading period in school as that allowed them the time to read. That was one of the biggest factors that determined whether they read books or not. They needed to find the time between school, homework, and after-school activities such as sports. As for the younger kids the more access they had to electronics the less likely they were to pick up a book for fun.

It has been recommended for a long time that parents read to their children from the day that they are born. Not only does it help the with reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language, but it helps them to learn to love reading. Many parents will read to their children every night before bed but as the child grows older story time usually stops. Scholastic recommends that even when your child can read for themselves parents should still try and read out loud to them every day. As they grow older they will learn to love reading books for fun.

Another factor that encourages a child to grow up loving to read is how their parents are about reading. If they grow up in a house where everyone is connected to electronics all day they are going to be less inclined to pick up a book and read. If they are raised in a home where there are books everywhere and their parents make time to read for fun, they will pick that up. I myself grew up in a home with book everywhere. My father built a library in the cellar since we had so many books. We would go on weekly trips to the library and my sister and I would get two or three books each to read through the week. To this day I still try to read every single day, at least for a little bit as I now have a library of my own in my home.

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