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Losing Income When Home-schooling? This Home-school Mom Says You Should Readjust Your Thinking

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling is a difficult choice to make when it comes to looking at the finances of your home. One person will inevitably have to stay home and teach the kids while the other goes out and makes the money. Many state that they lose income when they teach their kids at home, but this does not have to be the case. Blogger and home-school mother Penelope Trunk has some suggestions on what to do when you decide to home-school and feel like you are giving up income or a career:

1. Some people have such great careers that they just do not want to give them up. They make great money, they are good at their jobs, and they want to stay where they are. They do not however want their children in public schools. In this case Trunk suggests hiring someone to facilitate while the kids are at home and you are at work. You pick out the lessons and how the lessons are carried out and the person that you hire will come in and make sure they are done according to your standards.

2. One of the best things about home-schooling is flexibility. You can pick up part-time work when your spouse gets home so that you still have an income coming in. You can even pick up a full-time job that has the opposite hours of your spouse however this comes with negative effects because you don’t get to see your spouse as much.

3. If you had a career that was well-established and you are going to leave for a while to teach your children at home there is a good chance that you will be able to jump back in when you are ready. When people retire from the job market companies are looking for people with experience to jump in to their positions. They aren’t going to want to hire someone who is entry-level.

4. If you didn’t make that much money to begin with in the first place you aren’t losing that much if you stop going to work. Look at how much you made and what portion of the bills it actually paid. Trunk states that if you can’t afford to hire someone to facilitate the children during home-schooling you aren’t making enough to justify continuing to go to work anyway.

Trunk advises that the best solution to the income matters when home-schooling is that the person who is out there working and making the money should be making more to absorb the income that is not coming in by the home-school parent. This may seem unfair to many and many people who stay home do not want to keep pushing their spouse to make more money when they aren’t bringing any in. Trunk says that being at home and teaching the kids, doing the chores, and all of the other things that a stay at home parent does is no walk in the park and is one of the hardest jobs that you can have and not get paid for.

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