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How to Keep Your Home-school Life Organized So You Can Focus on Teaching

By: Krystle Crossman

When you are hoe-schooling your child it can be hard at times to keep track of everything and have everything in the right place. Papers go missing, pens grow legs and walk away, and toys or games seem to migrate to the center of the room easily. It can be tough to teach your children in a space that is not organized. Here are some tips from home-school mom Karen Newell on how to organize your home-school life so you can focus on teaching:

1. Have a set place where you teach. This may be on the couch in the living room, at the dining room table, or in a spare room that you have. Wherever you decide to teach your kids make sure that it is a place that is comfortable for them and for you. The space should be in a quiet spot where they can concentrate and are not distracted by clutter. This will help them to focus on their work instead of focusing on a television or toys.

2. Have a set place where work that needs to be graded goes. You can hang a clipboard on the wall somewhere or place a box in the home-school area that is just for papers that needed to be checked or graded. This way you will not lose anything and your child will be able to see when their work has been checked.

3. Make sure that you have writing utensils. It may seem like an obvious thing but there are so many times when there are no sharpened pencils, no pens to be found, and broken crayons everywhere. Check often to make sure that you have the correct supplies. Every night when you are done with schooling make sure that writing utensils are put back in the proper spot so that they will be there in the morning. Always make sure to have a surplus supply hidden somewhere as well in case the writing utensils do get up and walk away.

4. Give each child that you are home-schooling their own clipboard. There are plastic boards that come in different colors or you can have an art project where they decorate their clipboard so they know which one belongs to them. They can place all of their important documents here. You can tape a schedule to the bottom of the clipboard so that it is always there for them to look at. They can put all of their work for the day that is unfinished on the clipboard so that it is there in the morning for them.

5. Younger children often need their own little space when home-schooling. They have less of an attention span than the older children do and will be more focused on play-based learning. Give them a corner of your home-school room that has games, puzzles, and educational toys. This way when their older siblings are trying to concentrate on a lesson they can be learning their own way without causing a distraction.

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