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Why Healthy Boundaries Are So Important For Children To Have

By: Krystle Crossman

Every family raises their children in a different way. Some households are very strict while some are very lenient. Some parents have their children voice their opinions and then make them equal to their own opinions, giving the children equal control of the home. Finally there are parents that are in the middle of strict and lenient and allow children to be heard when they speak up but also set boundaries so that the children know that the parents are the ones who make the final decisions. These are healthy boundaries that are good to have in a household. This allows children to be raised in a secure home but also one where they feel that they are important. Here are some reasons that boundaries are good to set with children in the home as suggested by blogger Krissy Pozatek:

1. Children are just that, children. They are not mature enough to make adult decisions for the family. Their brains are still developing when they are toddlers and cannot rationally make decisions that would affect the lives of others. Once they get to be around 8 years old children are more vocal about their opinions and have a more mature mindset. This is a good time to experiment with boundaries so that they know they are in a secure and safe environment but also have rules and limits. As they grow older they develop more critical thinking skills and are more vocal about what they want. They should be included in decisions that will affect once they are old enough.

2. Children need to learn how to struggle a little bit so that they know that they have the ability to solve any problem that comes their way if they think rationally about it. They need to realize that they are not in charge and they may struggle with this for a while, but they will learn valuable life lessons from it.

3. Boundaries create a safe and secure world for kids. They need set rules and limitations. Once you give them free range to do whatever they want and say whatever they want they may not feel as secure as they would if someone were there to be an authority figure.

4. Children that are given everything that they want and are allowed to do whatever they want end up becoming narcissistic. They feel that the world should give them whatever they want and they should be allowed to do anything that they feel like doing without consequences. Obviously this will cause big problems later on in life.

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