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Teachers Say ‘Standardized Tests Measure the Wrong Things’

By: Krystle Crossman

Standardized testing is hard on teachers and it is hard on students. The students only end up learning what is going to be on the tests and nothing else. Their education is essentially ripped from them. At a recent No Child Left Behind hearing teachers protested that the tests were not testing the right things. One teacher said that he stood up in front of his class at the end of the year and apologized to them for being a poor teacher because he was restricted by what he had to teach.

The hearing was held because the government is looking to rewrite the No Child Left Behind Act that President Bush signed in 2002. They want to be able to have more of an impact in the schools. This is not what the teachers want and they made it clear at the hearing. Many teachers said that the standardized tests were not necessary but some government representatives such as Senator Elizabeth Warren stated that these tests were what held the schools accountable for the education that the children were getting. There are many government representatives that feel that the standardized testing is relied on too heavily but they need a way to figure out funding for schools and they do this based on the raw scores of these tests.

Teachers are losing any creativity that they may have had due to the strict guidelines of the testing. They have to teach what is on the tests in order to help the students get a better score but this leaves no time for anything else that they want to teach. The students lose because of this as well. Students become more stressed because they feel that they have to pass this test and so they spend as many hours as they can studying instead of taking the time to be kids. Teachers also feel that the tests do not show equality as they are the same in all areas of the country. Poor students that go to schools where the teachers may not be as qualified due to budget restraints suffer because their test scores lump them all together and compare them to the schools that have higher budgets and higher quality teachers.

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