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The Amazing Things That happen To Kids Whose Parents Read To Them

By: Serena Crawford

Reading to your children is beneficial for so many reasons. They will get so much out of it and it will help them with so many things later in life. Here are ten reasons that you should read to your children:

1. When you read to your children early in life they gain a better understanding of language. They are more familiar with sentence structures as well as the use of verbs and nouns.

2. Reading together creates a bonding time for you and your child. They will enjoy that time together and will look forward to reading with you every day.

3. Children will learn to love reading and look at it as something fun to do as opposed to something they are forced to do. When you start reading with them at home at an early age they will look forward to having to read in school.

4. Studies have shown that when children are read to at an early age they do better academically when they enter school. They are able to grasp concepts much easier than children who were not read to.

5. Children’s communication skills increase with every book that is read to them. They learn new words that they can use in everyday conversation and they can put together thoughts much easier than they could otherwise.

6. Reading stories that relate to their lives can help ease their fears. For example if they are afraid of the dark, read them stories that relate to that so they know that they aren’t the only ones and that they don’t have to be afraid.

7. Logical thinking is increase when children are read to. They are able to use critical thinking skills in order to determine what could happen next in the story.

8. Easy books such as Dr. Seuss books teach your child about rhyming and associate colors and shapes with the words. They can help your child learn to sound out words on their own.

9. When you read to your child follow the words with your finger as you read them. This helps them to understand that we read left to right. It also helps them to visualize the word and the sound it makes as you are reading it.

10. When they are young children may have a hard time focusing on the book and may get distracted easily. As time goes on they learn self-control and learn to sit and focus through the whole story.

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