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Better Late Than Never: 90 Year Old in School Alongside Her Great-Great-Grandkids

By: Krystle Crossman

Going to school is something that some people may never get to do. It may be due to lack of finances for books and supplies, it may be due to family circumstances, or it could be due to educational or mental challenges that cannot be taken care of at school. One woman named Priscilla Sitienei is showing people that it is never too late to get the education that you want. She is currently enrolled in the Leaders Vision Preparatory School in Kenya at the age of 90. She is learning to write and read. She is learning math. She is learning science. She is learning all of the things that she never had the opportunity to learn as a child. She is doing this alongside her great-great-grandchildren.

Sitienei said that one of her biggest goals is to be able to read the Bible. She also wants to be able to inspire children to go to school. She wears a uniform like all of the other kids in the school do and has the same class schedule as they do. They all call her Gogo, a nickname that means ‘grandmother’. The teacher says that she is an absolute joy to have in the school. She helps the other kids when they get stuck if she is able to and has an inspiring spirit. She has been attending the school for five years now and is making wonderful progress.

In the end Sitienei said that she wants to inspire older children and adults who think that they are too old to go to school. She is not the only one that has been pursuing her educational dream at an old age either. At 88 years old, Allen Flemming got his Bachelor Degree of Arts from the University of North Georgia. Charlotte Butler from Connecticut enrolled in Post University at the age of 80 to go after her Bachelor of Science in human services.

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