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This is Possibly One of the Greatest Tools for Learning

By: Krystle Crossman

Music is everywhere. It is a way for us to be creative, to express ourselves, and to help us deal with our emotions. Have you ever had a day where you are in a great mood and all you want to do is listen to an upbeat song and dance? Or maybe you have had those days where you are in a horrible mood and heavy metal is on the playlist for the day. For whatever reason turning these songs on helps us to release stress and anger. It helps us to express how happy we are over something great that has happened. It helps us to show others what we are feeling. For children music is a tool that helps them to memorize information and retain that information.

I remember when I was a child the cartoon The Animaniacs was popular. They had a song that named all of the states and their capitals and it was quite catchy. They also had a song that rattled off every single country in the entire world to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance. I memorized the entire song when I was 10 and have never forgotten it. Would I have been able to remember every country in the world if it were read to me in a simple list? Absolutely not. But when it was put to music it triggers something that allows you to retain the information much easier than if it were read or written to you.

Music is a powerful learning tool that should be used in all classrooms whether in a public school or at home. If you notice that your child is struggling with something such as the correct way to figure out a math problem or remembering information about things they may not necessarily be interested in think of a popular tune such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and try to rewrite the lyrics so that it contains the information they are trying to learn instead. When it comes time for a test they will be able to sing the song that they have learned in their head for the answer.

Not only does music help children to retain information but it helps them become more creative. As they grow older they may employ this learning technique on their own and begin to write songs when information just doesn’t seem to want to connect for them.

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