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Don’t Want to Raise a Spoiled Kid? Try These Tips

By: Serena Crawford

Do you ever see a child in a store whining about a toy that they want and then throwing a tantrum when they hear the word no? Do you then shake your head and think that they are spoiled when their parents give in and buy it for them anyway? You may have a spoiled child and don’t realize it. Some children behave this way when they are spoiled but many kids end up having a different view of being rich or poor. Here are some ways that you can avoid raising a spoiled kid.

1. You need to set rules and clear boundaries: When a child is allowed to do whatever they want they are going to grow up thinking that they rule the world. They will expect that they are able to do whatever they want whenever they want. This can often get them into trouble, especially in school or later on at work. They may even get themselves in more trouble when they don’t feel that they deserve the punishment and will talk back because consequences mean nothing to them. Make sure that you are setting clear rules in your home as well as consequences for when those rules are broken.

2. Be open with them about money: Let them know just how much money it takes to live. The more they know about how much life really costs they will come to respect money that much more. Give them a visual such as a chart that will outline how much money you bring in and how much of that goes towards all of your bills. It will be easier for them to really grasp the concept of what is left over after the important things in life are paid for and will come to appreciate the value of a dollar.

3. Allowance: Kids often get allowances every week. This should not be combined with doing chores however. Your children should do chores without the expectation that they are going to get something in return. Parents do chores without being paid for them and children should learn to do chores without being rewarded as well. A weekly allowance is something that can be earned through good behavior and respect. Teach them how to save the money that they are making instead of spending it right away and be careful not to give them too much of an allowance or they will become greedy as they get older.

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