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Bus Driver Commits Rash Act, Traumatizes Students on Bus

By: Krystle Crossman

If you do not home-school your children they most likely ride a bus to school. When they hop into the seat of the giant yellow vehicle you expect them to be safe and sound and arrive to school and back at home each day. The bus drivers inspect the buses before taking them out on the road in the morning and make sure that you children are safe while the bus is in motion. But what happens when a bus driver is stressed out and snaps? This is what happened recently in West Columbia, Texas. The bus driver decided that she had had enough and abandoned her bus full of children on the side of the road.

Students coming home from Barrow Elementary School were shocked when the bus driver suddenly slammed on the brakes, got out of the bus, and then walked away. She didn’t feel like dealing with the kids anymore as she felt that they were too rowdy for her to deal with. She reportedly called the bus company to get a replacement driver out to where she had left the bus and although they sent one out immediately some of the children and parents stated that there was still a half an hour that the bus filled with 53 children sat on the side of the road with no adult in sight. The driver had multiple complaints on her record in the two years that she had been driving for the bus company.

Many of the children were freaking out once the driver walked out of sight. One of the student said that some were shaking, some were crying, some were even becoming physically ill. It was a scary situation for all of the children. The bus company is currently reviewing the video and taking testimonies from students and parents so that they can conduct a thorough investigation. They had placed the driver on leave however she resigned a short time later. The video showed that the driver had in fact stayed out on the side of the bus and took the keys with her until the other driver showed up around 19 minutes later. The school is offering counseling to any of the students that may have been traumatized by the event.

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