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School District in CA To Hire More Black Teachers to Benefit Black Kids’ Learning

By: Isabella Carson

There is a definite racial gap when it comes to education in this country. Black students are often at a major disadvantage in the schools that they are in due to income status and the area they live in. Another big problem is that there are very few black teachers. They don’t have someone like themselves who they feel confident in talking to or someone that they can relate with. The San Francisco school district is trying to alleviate this by hiring more black teachers.

A study of data from the school district showed that black students had the highest dropout rates and the lowest test scores on the standardized tests. In San Francisco the black students make up 8% of the total students in the district. The schools district held an event to try and attract new black teachers. They had 45 people come out to the informational event. At the event the district leaders were there to talk to any prospective teachers that had questions. The people attending were able to fill out applications and have an informational interview as well.

One of the representatives from the district, Swen Ervin, stated that it has been shown that students of color do much better academically when they have someone teaching them who looks like they do. They find it easier to open up and see a greater chance for success when they have someone of their race at the head of the class. It is also helpful for the white students to have a teacher of another race to get rid of any stereotypes or negative thoughts that they may have about someone of a different color. It is a new generation and kids are bombarded by images in the media and controversial topics that give them the wrong impression about others. By having black teachers the hope is that the students will be able to relate to someone who is a different race than they are and they will learn that not everything that they see in the media is true. This will help the black students in the long run as they may suffer from less racism in school.

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