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Teaching This to Your Child Can Help Their Social Development Greatly

By: Krystle Crossman
People smile when they hear a child say “please” and “thank you”. They know that their parents have done a good job of teaching them etiquette. Sometimes this seems like a daunting task for parents but it is actually something that is quite simple and can help your child in ways you may not even think about. Here are some facts about raising a polite child from writer Isadora Fox:

1. A polite child is going to have a much easier time making friends: Children who have no manners and are downright rude are often a turn off not only to their peers but the parents of their peers as well. Many parents see how the child behaves and do not want their child around them. If a child is polite and courteous they are seen as a good influence to others. They will have an easier time making friends because others will want to be around them.

2. Set an example and be consistent about it: Your children learn a lot simply by watching you. Make sure that you are as polite as possible when they are around so they can see how it is done. Even at the dinner table, try to say things like, “May I please have the salt?” instead of, “Pass the salt”. This will show them that good manners are meant to be used everywhere, even in a casual setting. Be consistent about your use of manners and they will pick up on it. Eventually it will become second nature to them and they will be polite all of the time.

3. Give it time: Remember that teaching your children how to use manners will take a while. Try not to scold them when they don’t use their manners but instead remind them of what they are supposed to say. If they ask you for something and don’t say please ask them, “What do we say?”. This will tell them that they are missing something and with time they will pick up that this is a cue that they forgot their manners and will not have to be reminded as much.

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